Change is important.

Kick! Kick!

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I'm glad you called.

Go away. I'm busy.

Let's enjoy ourselves.

Please correct me when I make a mistake.

Come on, who would believe that crap?


He became temporarily deranged.

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Steel traps are illegal.


Nora wants to know what to do with all the stuff you left in his garage.


The cost of gasoline keeps on going up.

I've got a little surprise in store for the downtown boys who made fun of me.

Let's find out who killed her.


I still respect them.

There were as many as five hundred people present.

Vladislav is almost as old as Ole is.

You too, my son.

When I was in secondary school, I arose every morning at six o'clock.

There's something under my bed.

A 5% consumption tax is levied on purchases of most goods and services.

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The two girls, quite unconstrained and careless, danced in the freedom and gaiety of their hearts.

Away up in the fourth-story of his grand house, where his wife never goes, St. Nicholas has a little workshop, and there he sits whenever he gets a chance, making the most wonderful dolls, and gorgeous soldiers, and miraculous jumping-jacks, and tin horns.

Turn down the radio.


You should've talked to Teruyuki first.

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I think about Teriann all the time.

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Vaporise the solvent from the liquid. What's left is the perfume component and a lump of vegetable wax.

It is a moment of coordination of the company.

Do you eat bell peppers?

What is this sound?

Hold your applause, please.


Elsa brought up the subject.

Keep him away from me.

These things are terrible.

Why don't you guys go home and get some rest?

We gave Kolkka some apples.


It's the reader that determines whether they extract pleasure from reading.


Look what happened.


It makes little difference.

They are extremely competent.

I dropped them off at Kanda.

I've been watching them.

The public only knows what they've been told by the state media.

Dorian just ate lunch.

Celia looked like he might cry.

Mason withdrew some money from the bank.

We can try that.

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I'm not sure I want to see this.

He is six years older than I.

He's behaving oddly.

Elaine is thoughtful, isn't he?

Something great is about to happen.

Do one.

People sometimes compare death to sleep.

I had an easy delivery last time.

The committee were discussing the problem.

Ever since we've been wearing clothes, we haven't known one another.

Valentin speaks in a strange way.

You're late again.

The girl talking with Andreas is Varda.

Who plays the keyboards in your band?

When you arrive in Osaka, please contact me.

When I speak Japanese, I sound like a child.

The climate here is very mild, so it seldom snows here even in the winter.


I was discouraged.

Who is entered in the race?

Nuclear energy is produced by splitting atoms or by bringing them together.

She caught the chicken.

He came all the way from Chicago.

I told them that was ridiculous.

The big flower is blue.

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Troy is quite healthy.

She gave me plenty to eat.

Today our artificial satellites are revolving around the earth.

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How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

Your wife has seen the need to look for work.

It's a bit wobbly.


He handed the salesclerk the money.

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I'd like a twin room, please.

We're going to watch a play.

At most 10 people can sit round the table.

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I should stick to the schedule.


Some students finished their homework.


She will write a letter after school.

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Kenn poured champagne for himself and Amedeo.

You should be careful of the feelings of others.

Are you a creature of habit?

I think Gretchen needs to go.

Where there is Jeevan, there is Asha.

Please write back soon.

Rakhal closed his eyes and made a wish.


It began raining just now.

The question is what can we do to help.

His eyes were smiling behind his glasses.

It's exactly as you say it is.

I'm just tired.

I rode a horse for the first time yesterday.

Harv decided to give online dating a try and it changed his life!


She read the poem out loud.

"Are you busy right now?" "One moment, I am coming immediately."

I told them no.


Two persons were killed when an elevated bike path collapsed in Rio.

There are some problems.

Jorge has something to discuss with all of us.

I'll leave that to you.

We've got to get back to the ship.

Annard took part in the competition.

I haven't decided on it yet.

What time will you have breakfast?

If it were not for air and water, we could not live.

I wish I could write songs like that.

My head hums.


I know Olson was disappointed.

It's a nice idea.

My question requires a response.

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I find this ridiculous.

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You have quite an appetite.


Craig shared the apartment with Chet and three other friends.


Any doubts about the validity of this argument are promptly forgotten once we see the data.

Lloyd turned off the radio.

Hanfu is the traditional clothing used by the ethnic Han of China, before the Qing dynasty.


Flexible work hours make employees more productive.

Police followed Dan in unmarked cars.

I have a feeling he is right.

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I can't go there unless I go with Masanobu.

Mat doesn't talk much, does he?

That's exactly why I didn't tell you.

Instead of giving me another mendacious story, just be honest for once.

He thought that it was like a bird cage.

You look different.

My vacation went by quickly.


If it were not for the sun, there would be no life on the earth.

It's a room large enough for a library.

You can't get ahead if you don't work hard.

I wanted to tell you the truth.

I don't get the mistake.

He will make a good doctor.

We kept on working for hours without eating anything.


"I'm not a monster!", said Syed.

Siegurd planted some flower seeds in his garden.

Ruth's book about his life with Sjouke sold like hot cakes.

Rex added Dominic's name to the list.

Jackson's health quickly became much better.

That's good thinking, Guido.

I caught a glimpse of her face.

My father had far bigger ambitions than I.

I'll be there in a while.

Vistlik threw a stick for his dog.

He boasted of having won the first prize.

It's possible that he's a genius.

Some people want to amend the constitution.

I'm still your prisoner, aren't I?

He was born in Mexico.

We are subscribed to the Asahi paper.

I'd like you to meet him.

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She was only seventeen when they met.

Don't give her your number.

Samuel said that he couldn't wait any longer.

When Malaclypse looked at his watch, he was surprised to see how late it was.

He has the same camera as I have.

I was born there.

Swamy looks a little sleepy.

Now the President is nothing but a lame duck.

Does anybody have anything to say?